Made Public Today

A track originally submitted to the Make Noise Records Shared System project and subsequently kept hidden. It’s been 11 months so I’m letting it go.

I’m trying to resist the urge to do another year end summary for 2015. It was difficult. Let’s hope that the year ahead allows me to be kinder to myself and more productive.

2014 Year End Summary

Happy new year!

Having a music making hobby is a strange thing. In my experience there are many emotional ups and downs. What does that mean? Any creative endeavor involves that weird area where taste and talent turn into art. Because this is a labor of love for me there has to be some fun in there too. This year I’ve often gotten into a situation where my taste exceeded my talent and my ‘output’ slowed, then stopped and the fun was gone. I spent a lot of time beating myself up for getting behind. I’m not sure why I did this because I uploaded 19 new tracks to Soundcloud in 2014. In hindsight that seems like a great accomplishment.

This year I had the welcomed opportunity to perform ‘live’ three separate times. All three times I tried my best to prepare as best as I could. Well enough to know how in theory a successful performance would feel. Well usually¬†these experiences didn’t feel like success to me at the time but I had fun anyway.

I’m going to focus on recordings in 2015. That is what makes me happiest. I’m planning on focusing more on rhythmic ‘beat’ oriented electronic music and limiting the ‘experimental/ambient’ stuff to the Makenoise Shared System that I acquired this summer.

As a goal I’d like to release some recordings in a tangible form; maybe a cassette or seven inch vinyl. Goal two is to update the look of this website a bit.



Sorry for the outage. Backend hoops to jump through coincided with my traditional early December vacation, so I merrily dropped the ball. Thanks for your patience.